About Us

About Us

What is BB Mobile Parts Pty Ltd (bbmobile.com.au)?

The ultimate mission of BB Mobile Parts Pty Ltd (bbmobile.com.au) is to reduce the amount of electronic waste going into land by providing services and spare part to increase the life cycle of your gadget.

By increasing the life cycle of a gadget, consumption (and subsequently waste), is reduced by delaying an individual's refresh rate of technology. Let's say for example that you have a 1st generation phone that breaks and you have it repaired rather than buying a 2nd generation phone. Therefore, you postpone your purchase of a new phone to a 3rd generation. Eventually, rather than having three generations of phones entering a landfill, only a 1st generation and a 3rd generation phone have the possibility to enter a landfill as a result of your decision to repair. This effectively reduces your e-waste by 33.33%.

Since 2009, we've supplied spare parts and services to more than 50,000 Australians to increase their gadget lifecycle. The number is still increasing rapidly.

We offer spare parts, free tools and repair guides for those customers wanting to perform self-repair on their gadgets.

More Info:
Our technicians have more than 5 years’ experience on mobile phone, laptop and other gadget repairs. We slowly offered more repair services as we saw our customers were uncomfortable doing some repairs themselves. We also added repair guides so customers could attempt to perform repairs themselves. As our business grew, we saw the importance of opening a website to better serve our customer needs. So, in December 2011 we opened our first online store. Since then we've tried many different styles of websites in order to make the BB Mobile Parts Pty Ltd (bbmobile.com.au).com.au experience as painless as possible for our customers. We hope our current site will assist you in the gadget repairs.



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